Curious to find out how the effective use of intellectual property has aided economic development in the ASEAN region?

As the global economy increasingly gears towards a knowledge-based, innovation-driven model, businesses in ASEAN are also making smart use of IP to drive their business growth and expansion.

From a kebab chain to an animation studio, find out how companies in a variety of industries and IP landscapes in ASEAN have successfully exploited their ideas and developed their IP, contributing to economic growth in the region.

These businesses are:

Company ASEAN Member State
Datastream Technology Brunei Darussalam
LyLy Food Industry Cambodia
Kebab Turki Baba Rafi Indonesia
Vientiane Steel Industry Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Les’ Copaque Production Malaysia
FAME Pharmaceuticals Myanmar
Nature’s Legacy Philippines
Unique Gas Solution Singapore
National Metal and Materials Technology Centre Thailand
Trung Nguyen Coffee Corporation Viet Nam


This publication is the result of a WIPO study on the effective use of intellectual property in ASEAN countries. The project was implemented by the WIPO Japan Office (WJO), with funding provided from the Japan Patent Office under the auspices of the Japan Funds-In-Trust. Research and drafting of the text was carried out by Jonah Asher and John Amari at the WJO.

The project was coordinated, within WIPO, by Ken-Ichiro Natsume and Masaki Okamoto, who supervised the publication; managed the process through its various stages; and interacted closely with the JPO, the ASEAN Secretariat, and the Asia-Pacific Bureau at WIPO headquarters.