Brunei Darussalam


  • The Brunei Darussalam Intellectual Property Office (BruIPO) was set up on 1 June 2013 in an effort to restructure the national IP administration. The objectives of BruIPO are:
    • To provide a clear, accessible and widely understood patent system that protects ideas and inventions whilst encouraging innovation, Research & Development (R&D) and commercialization;
    • Raise awareness on the benefits and protection of trademarks and industrial designs and to use them to enhance business growth and competitiveness;
    • Promote and develop an ‘IP Culture’ where creativity and innovation can flourish; and
    • Establish partnership with the relevant stakeholders in support of the national innovation and business ecosystem.
  • BruIPO is responsible for the registration of Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Plant Varieties Protection (PVP), as well as the administration of Copyrights.
  • BruIPO provides the following services:
    • Registration and renewal processes for patents, trademarks, industrial designs and plant varieties protection;
    • Promotion of public awareness on Intellectual Property; and
    • Providing information and advice on IP-related matters.


  • BruIPO is currently under the purview of the Brunei Darussalam Attorney General’s Chambers and it is led by Ms. Norazizah Ja'afar, who serves as the Head of BruIPO. This department operates under the Honourable Attorney General, who also holds the position of Registrar for Trade Marks, Patents, Plant Varieties, and Industrial Designs.



The applicant must complete and submit the registration form (Patent Form 1-PF 1) together with the prescribed fee and relevant documents to the Registrar of Patents. In general, the application would contain details and information pertaining to the invention, namely:


  • The title of the invention;
  • The technical field;
  • The description of the invention; and
  • The claims which determines the scope of protection.

    Patent protection in Brunei last for up to 20 years from the date of filing subject to the payment of renewal fees on an annual basis.


    Application for the registration of an industrial design can be made by lodging to the Registrar of Industrial Designs the following:


  • a completed application form - Designs Form D1;
  • 7 identical sets of representation of the design; and
  • the application fee.

    An industrial design is protected for an initial period of 5 years beginning from the filling date. The design can be renewed for a further period of 10 years subject to the payment of a renewal fee every 5 years.


    To register a trademark, the applicant must lodge to the Registrar of Trade Marks the following:


  • Covering Letter and completed Form TM1;
  • Completed Form TM22 (mandatory for foreign applicants);
  • A4 Representation of the mark;
  • Translation and Transliteration of the mark (if not in the English language);
  • Priority Document (if priority is claimed over an earlier filed application); and
  • Prescribed fee BND$150/per Class and/or BND$6 (if an agent is appointed)

    The term of protection is for 10 years but may be renewed subject to the payment of renewal fees at the 10th year of registration and thereafter every 10 years.


    An application for a plant variety shall be made by the breeder of that plant variety and lodged to the Registrar of Plant Varieties. In general, it should include the following:

    • A completed application form (Form PVP3);
    • A description of the plant variety;
    • The technical questionnaire;
    • Any supporting and/or relevant documents;
    • The prescribed fee.

    The term of protection given to a plant variety in Brunei Darussalam is up to 25 years from the date of the grant, subject to the payment of the annual renewal fees.

    *BruIPO is not currently accepting plant varieties protection application at the moment. Status will be updated in the near future. 


    Act, Rules, Regulations and Other Notifications


    Chapter/Notification No.

    Date Coming Into Force

    Copyright Order, 1999


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    1 May 2000

    Amended by:

    Copyright (Amendment) Order, 2013



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    Industrial Designs Order, 1999


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    Amended by:Industrial Designs (Amendment) Order, 2020




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    Subsidiary Legislation:

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