Type of Case Funding Amount Administration Fee
Any existing IP/technology dispute or negotiation (including before courts, IP authorities or arbitral institutions) involving a party who is an ASEAN national or entity *Up to SGD 8,000 Waived
(*) The maximum amount of SGD 8,000 to be funded by AMP includes all costs relating to the mediation (subject to submission of relevant invoices) and will be shared equally among disputing parties unless otherwise agreed.

Parties may apply for funding from July 3, 2023 to December 31, 2023.1

At least one party must be an ASEAN national or entity

The mediator must be based in Singapore.2

Parties consent to named publicity (excluding details of settlement terms).

Parties must provide feedback on the mediation experience.

1. Or until the AMP fund is drawn down, whichever is earlier. Parties may not claim both under AMP and under the Revised Enhanced Mediation Promotion Scheme for costs in relation to the same or substantially the same dispute.

2. A shadow mediator appointed by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) from the Young IP Mediator initiative will observe the mediation.

1. Is there a time limit on the availability of AMP funding?

To be eligible for funding under AMP, a Request for WIPO Mediation and the request for AMP funding must be made to the WIPO Center between July 3, 2023 and December 31, 2023. Funding under AMP will be available during that period or until the AMP fund is drawn down, whichever is earlier.

2. Where can the mediation be held?

The mediation can be held online or in person anywhere, as long as a Singapore-based mediator is appointed.

3. Must the mediation be successful for funding to be disbursed?

No, parties can apply for funding under AMP as long as they have participated in the mediation, regardless of the outcome of the mediation.

4. How do I apply for AMP funding?

When you submit your Request for WIPO Mediation to the WIPO Center, please inform the WIPO Center that you would also like to apply for AMP funding. The WIPO Center will then provide further guidance regarding the conditions of AMP funding.

To find out how to submit a Request for WIPO Mediation, please contact [email protected] or visit WIPO Mediation Case Filing Guidelines.

5. How will AMP funding be provided?

Parties will be reimbursed up to SGD 8,000 for each mediation case. Each party can potentially claim an equal share of up to SGD 4,000 (assuming 2 parties), unless otherwise agreed. Reimbursement will be limited to mediation-related costs and will be subject to the parties complying with the AMP conditions and providing appropriate invoices for their mediation-related costs.

6. Is AMP funding limited to disputes?

No, parties may also utilise funding for “deal mediation” which refers to a mediation in which the mediator assists the parties in concluding an agreement. For example, such mediations may be appropriate in the context of ongoing patent licensing negotiations.

Any questions relating to AMP may be directed to [email protected]