About the ASEAN IP Academy



At its core, the ASEAN IP Academy (ASEAN IPA) will focus on regional capacity building efforts to support and elevate the IP knowledge and expertise in ASEAN. Functioning as a networked entity, the ASEAN IPA aims to coordinate with various IP institutions and dialogue partners involved in the provision of IP training in the region and facilitate the capacity building of all ASEAN IP stakeholders.


Leveraging the collective efforts by the ASEAN Member States (AMS), the ASEAN IPA seeks to provide training programmes and courses based on the specific needs of ASEAN IP Offices at the regional level.


The ASEAN IPA serves as a platform for dissemination of best practices among the ASEAN Member States and a repository for IP-related reference materials. The platform aims to serve not only AMS but ASEAN stakeholders as well.


Taking into account that the ASEAN IP Community has made considerable progress in moving towards deeper convergence of practice in recent years, the establishment of the ASEAN IPA further contributes to enhancing the ASEAN Economic Community by increasing awareness on the importance of IP and improving the capability of the regional IP ecosystem. Through the ASEAN IPA, the AMS hope to further encourage innovators and businesses to create, protect, utilize and commercialize their intangible assets in the region and beyond.