The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Law. IPOS advises and administers the Intellectual Property (IP) regime, promotes its usage and builds expertise to facilitate the development of Singapore’s IP eco-system. With IP fast becoming a critical asset in today’s global markets, IPOS aims to be a trusted partner to empower all creators in our knowledge economy. IPOS’ vision is for Singapore to be an IP Hub of Asia.

To fulfil this vision, IPOS reaches out to various stakeholders:

  • For businesses, IPOS continues to provide tools and information to enable them to create, own, protect and profit from their ideas and knowledge.
  • For IP professionals, IPOS seeks to upgrade their technical know-how and expertise, as well as provide opportunities for IP professionals to network and exchange views with IP thought-leaders around the world.
  • For international stakeholders, IPOS strives to further its cross-border IP cooperation so as to provide a strong and connected IP system for creators.
  • IPOS also reaches out to a wide array of audiences including the general public, government, and the youth, to educate them and raise IP awareness.


Registries Group

The Registries Group is responsible for granting rights for all registrable IP in Singapore.

The Group comprises:

  • Registry of Patents,
  • Registry of Trade Marks
  • Registry of Designs
  • Registry of Plant Varieties
  • Customer Service and Information Department


The Registries of Patents, Trade Marks, Designs and Plant Varieties oversee the administration, processing and registration of patents, trade marks, designs and plant varieties respectively.

The Customer Service and Information Department supports service excellence by overseeing the strategic use of information technology to enhance convenience for all users of our IP systems and services.

IP 101

IP 101 is an integrated one-stop services centre, with effective linkages to the Intellectual Property (IP) community, such as the local enterprises, IP service providers, IP owners, academics, etc. to offer the IP community a comprehensive suite of products, services and networks.

Infrastructure and Capability Development Group

The Infrastructure & Capability Development Group facilitates the development of Singapore’s IP capabilities and marketplace.

The Group comprises:

  • Communications & Engagement Department
  • Enterprise Development Department


The Communications & Engagement Department builds IPOS’ reputation and promote its initiatives through strategic engagement and communication. The department also seeks to create a movement by encouraging the public, especially youths, to adopt an IP-savvy lifestyle.

The Enterprise Development Department helps both the private and public sectors to build IP management capabilities at the organisational level so as to enable organisations to better utilise their intangible assets and increase their competitive advantage.

The Corporate Services Group

The Corporate Services Group supports IPOS in developing and implementing strategic organisation policies and programmes. The Group comprises :

  • Finance Department
  • Human Capital Department
  • Information Technology Department


The Finance Department is made up of Finance, Corporate Planning, Administration and Procurement teams. The department ensures IPOS' financial resources are efficiently managed through proper allocation of resources and funds management, as well as administers support to IPOS' daily operations.

The Human Capital Department supports IPOS to attract, develop, nurture and retain talent, in support of IPOS' organisational goals.

The Information Technology Department provides InfoComm Technology (ICT) services to ensure the deployment and support of secured, reliable and robust business applications, eServices and IT infrastructure.

Policy Group

The Policy Group oversees legal and IP policy, international affairs and strategic planning work.

The Group comprises:

  • Legal and Policy Affairs Department
  • Strategic Planning and Policy Department


The Legal and Policy Affairs Department stewards and facilitates the formulation and development of national IP policy, ensuring that national IP laws remain relevant in our fast-changing world. The department also represents Singapore’s interests in IP matters at various international forums and during treaty/trade agreement negotiations.

The Strategic Planning and Policy Department works with the management team to chart the strategic direction for IPOS.

Hearings and Mediation Group

The Hearings and Mediation Group facilitates the resolution of disputes relating to the registration of:

  • Trade Marks
  • Patents
  • Registered Designs
  • Plant Varieties Protection


The Group also deals with all interlocutory matters arising from the disputes such as applications for extensions of time, applications to amend pleadings and applications to file further evidence.

Capability Building Group

The Capability Building Group oversees the training of IP knowledge workers, promotes international cooperation to facilitate capacity building, and provides insight on global IP issues.

The Group comprises the Capability Development Department.

The Capability Development Department facilitates the development of IP expertise to expand the pool of IP professionals in Singapore. The department also organises conferences to facilitate IP capability building with international partners.

International Engagement Department

The International Engagement Department supports IPOS' vision by establishing relationships with IP stakeholders outside Singapore, including government agencies, institutions, inventors, creators, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and others. The Department also seeks to position Singapore as a vibrant marketplace for IP transactions and commercialisation.

Patent Search & Examination Unit

The Patent Search & Examination Unit is established to contribute to the growth of patent expertise in Singapore. This unit supports Singapore's move from a "self-assessment" patent system to a "positive grant" patent system whereby a patent application can only proceed to grant if the search & examination report is fully positive. This move will raise the overall quality of patents granted in Singapore, and align our practices with that of established regimes.

The S&E Unit will help foster a stronger patent regime and be a motivational force in the establishment of a vibrant IP ecosystem here in Singapore.

Registration Procedure

Learn about how you can leverage on ASEAN’s IP regimes and services, to formulate and execute business strategies that help you effectively capitalise on your ideas and innovations.

  • ASEAN TMview - Use this online trade mark information platform to access information on trade mark registrations and applications in ASEAN
  • ASEAN Patent Examination Co-operation (ASPEC) - ASPEC allows applicants in participating countries to obtain corresponding patents faster and more efficiently
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) - Through the PCT, applicants can seek patent protection for inventions in 148 countries, just by filing one international patent application
  • Madrid Protocol - The Madrid Protocol allows a trade mark owner to seek protection of the trade mark in several countries simultaneously by filing one application with a single office
  • Hague Agreement - The Hague Agreement allows businesses to register their industrial designs internationally, simply by filing one single international application.
  • ASEAN IP Utilisation Case Studies - Find out through case studies how the effective use of IP has aided economic development in the ASEAN region

Laws and Regulations

Patent / Pettypatent
- PATENT ACT B.E. 2522 As Amended by the Patent Act (No.2) B.E 2535 And the Patent Act (No.3) B.E. 254

- Trademark Act B.E.2534 (1991)

- Copyright Act B.E.2537 (1994)

Trade Secret
- Trade Secret Act B.E.2545 (2002)

Geographical Indication

Layout-Designs of Integrated Circuit
- Protection of Layout-Designs of Integrated Circuits Act B.E.2543 (2000)

Optical Disk Production(OD Product)
- Optical Disc Production Act B.E.2548 (2005)

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