IPOS had the privilege to be part of the inaugural Intellectual Property Business Congress (IPBC) Southeast Asia conference which focused on IP value creation and corporate IP best practices. Organised by distinguished trade publication, Intellectual Asset Management (IAM), IPBC is a premier forum where senior thought leaders and high-level delegates come together to discuss the hottest topics related to IP value creation.  


Themed “Maximising Corporate IP value”, the conference saw an international audience comprised of policy makers, IP practitioners and corporate leaders. In his keynote address, Chief Executive of IPOS, Mr Daren Tang, shared how innovators can use IP as a tool for economic development. He expressed his firm belief that IP monetisation is a way for companies to realise their full value creation potential. He commented that while intangible assets constitute up to 80% of corporate value, it is rarely reflected in the accounting books. To this end, IPOS is committed to help local businesses monetise their IP for growth and expansion to the world.


Many industries, ranging from paper products, industrial chemicals, palm oil and construction materials, were present to learn more about holistic approaches to IP to create business value. As Mr Tang explained, “Valuation and monetisation are risk management tools. When you monetise a risk management tool, you can create tremendous value”. IPOS will continue its outreach efforts to the innovation community, and help businesses gain and sustain a competitive edge on the global stage.


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